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    Teddy bears in the drama Goong (궁 - literally translated as palace but the English title used for the drama is Princess Hours) starring Yoon Eunhye (윤은혜), Joo Jihoon (주지훈), Kim Junghoon (김정훈), and Song Jihyo (송지효) were actually displayed in the Teddy Bear Museum in Jeju Island. Aside from these popular teddy bears, this place is also a must-see for those who are visiting Jeju Island. There are a lot of other interesting teddy bears that one can find there. (ex: the world’s smallest teddy bear, the teddy bear wearing the most expensive clothes,etc)

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      TEDDY BEARS IN THE TEDDY BEAR MUSEUM(테디베어반물관) Teddy bears in the drama Goong (궁 - literally translated as palace but the...
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One of my had-to-do things listed when I was in Korea was to go to different drama shooting locations. I'm such a Kdrama fan that it didn't matter how far the place is as long as I can see the places where my favorite dramas were shot. This Kdrama fandom was the start of my interest in Korea and its culture. :)

Thanks to Naver, my basic Korean skills, my getting better stalking skills, Naver map and some guts, I was able to go to these places.

I'd be sharing here some of the pictures I and my friends took during the trips to these drama shooting locations. If you have any questions regarding these places that maybe I can help you with, feel free to ask me. :) I'd help you as much as I can. :)

And once in a while, if I'm bored and too lazy to edit the pictures, I'm just going to post some of my favorite lines from the different dramas that I have watched. :) I'll be posting the Korean lines and translate them to English. :)
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